Since the establishment of Hsinchu Science Park in 1980 with innovative thinking, high-tech industries have been successfully promoted which in turn supported economic growth and industrial upgrading.

The Southern and Central Science Parks were later established in response to demand for a more balanced development of high-tech industrials in different regions. Innovative technologies consequently led to improved global competitiveness of Taiwan through industry cluster effect of the science park.

Smart Leads

As the three major science parks are built with the scale and environment necessary for independent urban communities, they are the ideal start for future smart cities. Therefore, the Ministry of Science and Technology is launching the "IoT Smart Park" plan according to the "Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program." Modeling with the three major science parks, a smart environment will be built using technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and big data to realize our "digital country on a smart island." 4 major segments of the smart park:

1. Smart transportation: smart parking lot, traffic control center, traffic information bulletin APP, demand responsive transportation system, electric shuttle buses.

2. Smart security: autonomous flood prevention and information system, earthquake prediction and smart disaster prevention and control system, on-site smart air quality and climate monitoring system, and on-site smart sewage management system.

3. Smart sustainability: smart road lighting, smart water conservation and leak prevention, and smart electric meters.

4. Smart management: Smart utility management, smart buildings complex system, 3D GIS, seamless mobile communication services.

Shape the Future

To continue building a pioneering smart science park, the "Smart Park Development Project" will be carried out based on the goal of building the optimal environment with integration of manufacturing, life and environment. When the smart park operation solutions reach sophistication, they can be copied to other cities or industrial parks, making Taiwan the role model in smart city development and improve our global industrial competitiveness.

Special Issue

The special issue introduces the core value of Hsinchu, Central, and Southern Science Parks with five major solutions. For more details, please click HERE to download the PDf file.

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