Origin of the Activity

To encourage R&D personnel and entrepreneurial/creative teams in domestic companies, schools and R&D corporations to experience Living Lab's open field innovation and service empirical test methods, and apply them in service innovation research and development. The goal is to assist participants or companies to learn and experience the research and development of Living Lab, and to achieve the verification purpose of the open innovation model in Living Lab.

Event Description

In this experimental creative design competition, the participating teams must propose a specific innovative service model according to the different competition groups, and design the service test method as well as the actual operation of the field for the service model. The innovative service model theme proposed by the team does not have domain restrictions, but the service system needs to provide services to customers with smart devices (such as smart phones, tablets, Smart TV, Kiosk/POS/electronic billboards, etc.).

The First Service Testing Awards

Youth Entrepreneurial Group (POC) - First Place

Badminton Exercise Portable Recording Device Combined with Handheld Device APP Service

Exercise is not an age differentiating activity across all ages. It is not only good for the body and mind, but also a necessary health checker. Our team wants to use badminton as a theme to improve the sports. This service will create a new self-training method for non-professional players such as students and office workers. The basics lesson for badminton training – “step and running training” will be moved out of the existing indoor venue; so that the basic exercises are not limited to large institution. The public indoor field provided by the institution can upgrade the national badminton competence. Secondly, the professional venue can be directly used for practice and competition, which greatly increases the utilization value of the original site. Through training and challenging two game models, the most difficult problem to solve in the basic training is to overcome the problem of "boredom" in the basic training, so that the user can challenge themselves and interact with others to integrate entertainment with training.

Youth Entrepreneurial Group (POC) - Second Place

Vehicle Safety Innovation Management Service Concept

The car safety system is divided into two main systems, the active safety system and the passive safety system. The service concept of the service is developed with the function of "Traffic Safety - Fleet Information System" in mind. This system focus on when the driver is ready to drive on the road and as driver approach final destination; the vehicle arrives at the correct destination. Whether the functions of five oil, four pressures, and three waters are detected and at norm to ensure the driving safety. Drivers can carry smart phones and check prior to driving to know the safety status of vehicles, such as whether the battery, tire pressure and tire temperature are still functioning properly. When the vehicle has issue due to the irresistible cause, the central control system provided by the service can also be used. Let the driver and relevant personnel at the beginning to ensure the follow-up maintenance of the vehicle. Today's smart handheld devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and even notebook touch panels, mostly use intuitive multi-finger touch operation for the user interface, and capacitive sensing technology to detect fingers. The action on the 2D plane is used as an input command, so the interface designer constantly probe with various natural corresponding operation gesture in order to increase the convenience for the user's operation; however, the 2D plane-based operation gesture limits many natural gesture operations. The possibilities, such as grabbing objects moving in space, using stereoscopic space for menu control, and with rapid development of technology, the processing speed of smart phones will be able to run 3D gesture recognition of front and rear lenses of mobile phones. Currenly, there are many researches on finger image tracking and simple gesture motion recognition but the research hypothesis is based on the operation of touchless, the research on the 3D gesture vocabulary combined with the multi-finger touch screen for handheld device is not enough. This service extends the common contextual-menu of the GUI and designed to assist the 3D gesture dynamic menu of the flat touch operation, and proposes the design criteria of the visual interface. This result will be available on smart phones or tablets, providing users with a more natural and convenient mobile platform user interface.

Youth Entrepreneurial Group (POC) - Third Place

Tempo Run: Master the Rhythm of Running

Jogging has become a national sport. Additionally, many people use their spare time after work to run for healthy purpose. More and more people care about the correct running posture, understand they will be less likely to be injured and train the corresponding muscles. Compared to the replacement products currently used by runners, they can only help in counting beats. The innovation of our products is to record the rhythm of the runners running, and let runners key in the preferred rhythm. By adjusting the frequency to combine the general electro-patch, runners can lessen the chance of getting injury. During exercise, the runner can stick the patch to the position where the user can comfortably move according to personal preference, and then send the frequency signal set by him/herself to the patch through the mobile APP, and the patch will perform the management. In such way, runners can adjust their pace through patch management, further reducing the chance of injury. Since there are no rhythm-controlled products designed specifically for running in the market, runners can only use music equipment with experience or DIY. Therefore the product will help runners easily maintain the pace and the rhythm of running.

Youth Entrepreneurial Group (POS) - First Place

Create a City Friendly Cloud Base: Development of a Barrier-free Environment Survey Tool for the Disabled

The countries of the world are facing the process of citizens aging and fertility decline. Within a decade, every five people in Taiwan would be elderly, and there will be pregnant women, children, and people with injuries, as well as illnesses. These are crucial period for citizen’s lives. In the process- "Everyone needs friendly service!" There are more than 30,000 restaurants in Taipei, but we don't know where there are flat doors, accessible toilets, barrier-free parking spaces, electric wheelchair charging port, friendly restaurants that can serve the wounded and the elderly. We recruited a group of passionate people with disabilities and went to the restaurant to experience the information including: restaurant entrance, routes, menu, dining service, elevator, toilet, parking space, wireless internet and free cell phone charging port. (including on-site photos), successfully developed the "Friendly Taipei Restaurant App", specially designed for users to find the restaurant's consumers’ friendly level and set filers according to various needs to meet the demand.

Youth Entrepreneurial Group (POS) - Second Place

Based on Knowledge Spiral to Discover Tamsui’s Jenli Road’s Innovative Service for Travel Journey

This study is based on the well-known tourist town of northern Taiwan, Tamsui. The travel experience of this travel journey is different from the plans recommended by the general travel agency. The design of the travel agency's journey is based on the combination of local famous tourist attractions and cooperative businesses. The places are mostly tourists' familiar spots, usually been accepted by early adopters and the early public, and recommended to the late public to travel, so no more business opportunities could be found. However, since Zhen-Li St. has not passed through the famous sightseeing spots such as the little white house and Fort San Domingo, there are not enough businesses, and the travel agency has not entered this block. This study is based on the rare consumption behavior of early adopters. The innovative planning of the travel service journey, the arrangement of innovative service plan to drive business opportunities, and the integration of local stores to carry out activities and product development.

Youth Entrepreneurial Group (POS) - Third Place

Digitalized Kaohsiung Da-liao Red Bean Culture Festival Project

In the early days, the Gaoping River had been pretty fertile, which was in favor for farming cultivation. When the residents built grass houses to settle down, combined into Xipuliau, Xiliau village, Chauzhouliau, Chauliau Village and Dingdaliau. Curretly had already combined together, as a group of Daliau. The sightseeing construction in Datun District is still in its initial stages. It is not mature enough to promote the Da-liao red bean Culture Festival. If one can add new service elements, one will be able to attract more tourists to Datun area and experience the unique cultural monuments that was preserved for a long time. With the access of information technology, we will broadcast the unique red bean culture in Datun District and the local cultural information- to gain a better understanding of Taiwan's local communities’ culture.

ALL SAFE! Motorbick’s Safety Warning Design Service

This service proposes a set of motorbike-specific driving warning system- with smart phone as the platform, combined with external interface. Through camera recording function over cell phone, and with the built-in sensor for each driving picture and driving paths, speeds, actions (sudden turn in front of the car, close proximity to the car, cutting people off, etc.) and other drivers will be recorded while driving, and statistical feedback will be provided through cloud database- research and in-depth information of other drivers on the street would be analyzed and give off warming.

Business Group (POS) - First Place

iCallMe Voice Delivery Mechanism Service Verification Program

iCallMe refers to the "I remind myself" function, from voice reminder to one-click escape, you can use iCallMe on your own; iCallMe service creative source derived from a very simple idea: listen to advertising! This is a business model that is different from the current traditional App. Starting from this concept and core technology, we came up with the idea of "from the virtual phone to other phone-based services - iCallYou". Record voice messages, pass to specific friends at specific times, enhance effect of message delivery and set reminders by means of phone alerts. In addition, the establishment of a voice delivery mechanism is also a new feature, recording voice messages and communicating to a large number of users/members. App users need to log in with Facebook, and invite friends to download and call to send voice messages.

i-Station Digital Advertisement Board Program

The team took the Songshan station as a mirror and had in-depth observation. It was found that the communication of information is still a major problem for each station, whether it is a misinformation, a train schedule change, or even the most basic floor plan. Information is hard to communicate to the hands of all passengers. The old system is still the only channel for transmitting information through broadcasts, flyers or passenger help centers. Therefore, the team expects to integrate services through ICT. Using the data convenience of the cloud system as the background, combined with the front-end rendering of the digital signage, as a tool for integrated publishing, combined with the innovative application of SMS service and SSID forwarding guidance, providing more people with mobile phones data acquisition allows one having no distance between each station information.

Business Group (POS) - Second Place

Image Recognition in Mobile Shopping Applications

The image recognition method is applied in the shopping environment of the mobile APP, that is, the consumer can directly scan the picture of the product through the lens on the mobile device (mobile phone/tablet), and turn shopping into "photographing" fun. Where to go, where to see, one can immediately see the diversified, enriched information or preferential information (in the form of text, pictures, videos, etc.) of the products on the screen. Consumers are required to enter keywords or URLs on screen, or shoot a bar code that we do not understand at all. If one is interested in a product, one can take photo directly and place an order immediately. The process of purchasing and paying, forming a new mobile shopping innovation service model and new shopping opportunities. The process of mobile shopping is full of intuition, and image interaction, our goal is to provide consumption the following: (1) Let consumers go shopping without going out. (2) Make ease for consumer regardless of shopping platform. (3) Bring consumers from the offline store into mobile shopping platform. (4) Bring consumers online from the Internet into the mobile.

Business Group (POS) - Third Place

BodySmile: Health Weight Loss Program

Compared with other health or weight loss management APPs, the main innovation in designing a "restaurant-oriented" calorie information to provide a new dietary decision-making model for foreign food workers and weight loss. In the past, the usage mode of the App was mainly based on post-recording. After the meal was finished, the relevant catering and its calorie information were recorded in the App to provide information-assisted dietary decision-making. The spirit of the service is to provide a pre-dining decision-making diet that allows the user to select the restaurant and meal to be eaten based on their current location, meal price, weight reduction goal setting and catering calorie information before meals. Once you have selected a meal at the App, you can directly record your own dietary information in the App. This study believes that the hypothesis allows the weight loss to know the calorie information of each meal in the meal decision-making process, which will effectively improve the user's choice of low-calorie restaurants for low-calorie meals.

Business Group (POB) - First Place

O2O Incentive Program

The accumulation of points system stickers, department store's anniversary gift, the referral bonus, and credit card-opening ceremony of the bank are all reward mechanisms for consumers to reach marketing goals. It is popular for consumer to leave message for lottery drawl on the internet, with so many marketing goals, perhaps there could have platform that integrate everyone's rewards, accumulate and gather together, to yield a 1+1>2 result, and let the rewards become interchangeable. More rewards, better quality, and further convenience. The company takes the exhibition and business of electronic coupons system and service as the main axis, and hopes to expand from the existing corporate gift market to an integrated and guided mission marketing mechanism.

Business Group (POB) - Second Place

Intelligent Chore Preparation Assistance Service Project

The current issues of the family chore industry includes "consumers' confusion about the professionalism of family chore services"- "the relationship between consumers is difficult to establish", "information on the company's service history, the gap of consumer expectations", and "the understanding of consumers’ preferences and needs are poorly consolidated. Through the establishment of a tool for the family chore service, the work schedule inquiry, service notification, cleaning inspection notification, service confirmation, etc., provide the most direct assistance to on-site personnel. In addition, the APP is also equipped with a scanable customer site RFID tag to provide a complete service record to reduce follow-up customer complaints.

Business Group (POB) - Third Place

iWant App: Cell Phone Social Media Platform

The iWant social media platform is a platform that solve the issue of Taiwanese friends making difficulties in adulthood. By classifying people’s interest and combining the GPS positioning function on cell phone, everyone can find thing to do in close proximity within the APP. iWant's innovative model enable users of similar interest to quickly find each other through filteres and screening. When users are expected to meet up , the APP send out store offers s a starting point for users. People can meet more naturally online and even get better deals on store offers. The dominant group buying culture demonstrates the national characteristics of Taiwanese’s desire in getting better deals. However, due to the need of purchasing in advance and the complicated restrictions of rules, group buying sites have gradually begun to lose customers; we hope that through the combination having new friends consumers would have more freedom and convenience. The new type of service allows users to enjoy a convenient shopping process that is no longer limited through various restrictions.

The Second Service Testing Awards

Elite Group, Prove of Business, First Place

CheckMe APP Consumer Guide Service Channel

Using the CheckMe APP consumer guide service channel, one can set a list of goals to attract customers to the store to complete (into the store, view products, shopping, etc.) Through the CheckMe APP one could exchange a variety of e-vouchers, so that sales channel achieve the effect of getting customers into the store.

Elite Group, Prove of Business, Second Place

StudyFun: Interactive Teaching System Overseas Market Program

The teacher uses the tablet to control the way the class is conducted. The student uses a pad and a pen to interact in the class. The parent uses the mobile app to see children’s learning progress, and solves the issue for digital learning tools to be wide spread. Furthermore, through tablet control by teachers, the use of a variety of digital tools could be combined in teachers' classrooms that solve the issue of decentralization of curriculum and the inability to centrally manage them. Now, through the operation of tablets, the systems and web resources used are transmitted through tablet. The computer function added value, adding the projection to the system for teachers to easily present student’s work or discuss the theme with them.

Tao-mi Lowered Carbon Foot Print Tourism Program

Through service experience engineering SEE method, we discovered the needs of Tao-mi tourists and local businesses, identify the characteristics and obstacles of the existing tourism model, and gather local residents and industry to brainstorm and launch lower carbon transportation to provide Tao-mi tourists. Electric bicycle rental, as well as lowered carbon footprint travel package such as farming experience and cooking, utilize electric bicycle rental service to help with the narrow path and geographical variations in the existing community, and solves the problem of scattered resource for community tourism. To gain opportunities around the community, allowing visitors to explore various ecological attractions and enhance the ecological sensitivity. Currently, the green miracle is the first lower-carbon foot print tourism operation in Tao-mi with electric bicycle operation station- provide a mechanism for tourists to enjoy lower carbon footprint tourism. The operation of Green Miracle is also connected to the farmer's natural and non-toxic agricultural products, providing consignment services, and launching a platform to display to community moms for the locally made products. In addition, the e-commerce platform allows visitors to plan trips and book tickets in advance, providing visitors with a new way to visit Tao-mi, and promoting green economy development with low-carbon foot print and environmentally friendly tourism models.

Elite Group, Prove of Business, Third Place

Flash Deals for Food

Through real-time LBS store information, users can actively recommend discount information near the location, obtain real feedback and provide attractive discount information to stimulate users' consumption, additionally, the stores will benefit from the transaction. This form a win-win situation for saving food expenses. A convenient application that can truly help all aspects of the consumption chain. Through the complete data back-end mechanism within the network function, one can effectively collect the real review from people that eat out. From different food preferences, the average amount spent on a transactions, to the differences in personal eating habits, etc., more comprehensive data is used as the basis for analysis. In the era of big data, it is possible to effectively collect and further analyze changes in dietary trends at different levels as an important basis for various related programs.

Elite Group, Prove of Business, the Honorable Mention Award

Mobile Multi-channel Audio and Video Synchronization Service

Based on invention patent (200318), "Supervisory Method and Device for Portable Guide System", the core of the patent lies in the development of mobile video security monitoring and emergency rescue service center, and by "multi-channel audio and video synchronization service". Provide one-stop service, use APP to transmit synchronous video and audio signals to remote service center through 3G/4G/5G wireless communication system audio and video transmission function, and provide the following six service contents: (1) Assist users in external language communication; (2) Providing user guidance and consulting services; (3) Use service center instead of user search, screening, identification of information; (4) Monitor the user's site and protect their personal safety; (5) Providing users with emergency services; (6) Third-party connection function (including police, emergency contact, insurance company service personnel, etc.)

The Nursing Contact Book

Utilize personal mobile APP to address the needs of health management, reminders, appointments, and to manage and track the health of a person. The Nursing Contact Book is a multi-party collaborative software for health care. Patients, families, local and foreign care personnel to solve patients’ schedules, communication, and health data as long as they have access to internet and mobile devices. Records, inventory management and other issues, service appointments, health care related products purchase. The formulation of Chinese, English and Indonesian languages from the beginning, supporting multi-language and multi-party collaborative work is the largest foundation of this system.

To whom I Loved

Through the app to inform the disabled person of the route to reach their destination, suggesting where elevators and accessible ramps are located and notifying them if there are obstacles (such as gutter covers, stone steps, etc...) ahead. It is convenient for people with disabilities to react in advance and avoid obstacles. The app also provides timetables (such as low-floor buses) that can provide services for disabled friends. Through the bus schedule, they will clearly know whether the next bus will be equipped with barrier-free facilities. They could wait for the bus time to get them to their destination faster. In order to facilitate disabled people to use our app when using a wheelchair, we will enlarge the icon to make it easier for them to press the page, use the image (map), and sound to guide. Inform where one could seek assistance and call the assistance unit.

Effectively Reduce the Cost of Teachers through Cloud APP Teaching System to Train Bilingual Children Program

A language-learning app for preschoolers, with interesting stories and music, combined with reading and gaming features, allowing children to play, learn while playing, and user interface with images. The simple operation process and the clear design let user obtain a quick and convenient operation at once, providing better experience to increase learning interest.

Planning and Tracking of Local Neighborhood

Compared with the APP that provided a single travel information in the past, the innovation of this service not only provide complete information (such as activities, attractions, food, accommodation, etc.) required by travel itinerary, but also to provide users with a convenient integration platform. The interface can easily plan your own unique travel itinerary. What is the most special about this trip is that it could also be shared with good friends, invite friends to come, in addition to displaying the location of all the attractions on the map during the tour. It also displays the location of all partners in real time, and the chat room that is solely opened for this trip. After the tour is over, the chat room and the location tracking for all partners will stop. In the future, one can use the calendar to share their travel itinerary. This study believes that if you provide an integrated platform to consumers, not only can it effectively improve the efficiency of travel itinerary planning, the integrated APP is bound to be more than a single function APP with lower removal rate and higher opening rate. It is bound to be more functional than single function APP.

Adult Group, Prove of Service, First Place

National Alarm Clock: Selfie for Audio and Video within Community Sharing Service Verification Program

This service is based on the "Audio Alarm Clock". The main function is for selfie and self-use, allowing people to convey the most sincere emotion through images. Based on the developed Sweetheart Alarm Clock app, plus the new service concept of "self-portrait" and "community sharing". The user can easily shoot a video using the mobile phone and upload it to our creation platform. One can choose to open it to the public, or just share it with family and friends. The use is not limited use as an alarm clock, any situation that needs to be reminded is suitable.

Adult Group, Prove of Service, Second Place

LifeBring: No Longer Forgets to Bring Anything

LifeBring's creative theme is different from the current "definition" and "search" functions. The work of searching for objects will not be carried out by smart phones, but by a set of "portable" device. The sensor device can be used according to the user's location for the most needed reminder, and with the "situation detection" and "timely " adjustment, the communication technology achieve a more humane and instant "anti-lost" reminder function. Under this concept, the team observed that when people head out, they usually check whether or not they bring their the wallet, mobile phone and keys. Therefore, the "portable anti-lost device" can be placed on the door of the residence and automatically detect whether item is missing when people head out. Detect "forgot to bring" incident and assist with confirmation through instant sound reminder. This product is based on soft and hard integration oflow-power Bluetooth BLE- combining wireless positioning and body sensing technology as the core of the product, creating a people-oriented service as the starting point, generating the true value of technology for people, providing service with.

Location and Timeline Sharing Photo Program

Product positioning will focus on sharing photos and interactions with friends post trip, designed cross-PC website and mobile app applications, through automated image note and uploading, providing a variety of recurring patterns and interactive discussion after the event. It is not limited to users using smart phones or cameras for photos. The user creates a journey before the trip, sets the travel time interval and invites friends to join. When the time comes at the beginning of the trip, the app will record the location-time periodically, and the trip member will upload the route according to the time, and automatically upload the photo taken by the user on the mobile phone within the time interval, and upload the photo at the same simultaneously. If the user takes a photo with the camera, he or she will manually upload it with the webpage after returning home. At this time, the background data will automatically correspond to the member's location-time, and the location information will be added to each photo. All photos entail "browsing" permission for "self" and "group". The automatically uploaded photos are preset to "self", and the uploader can change that into "group" to share with friends of the same group, so as to collect photos of all member afterwards. You can interact on the platform and download or share photos information to social platform through multiple export types.

Adult Group, Prove of Service, Third Place

"Listening. Travel" Cloud Audio Guide Integration Service

The cloud mobile voice platform aims at cultural collection services and is based on culture. Through the App, it spreads the cultural and cultural value of museums, exhibitions and attractions. Through the exhibition content of the cloud mobile voice platform, it promotes Taiwan’s local culture and becomes a sharing platform that enables more people to benefit from it. Key Features: (1) Self-produced content; (2) Tailor-made and "sound" as the main medium; (3) Complete online sharing system that’s portable; (4) Apple iBeacon indoor positioning technology.

Adult Group, Prove of Service, the Honorable Mention Award

LuckyPaw: Cloud POS system

POS is not a new term. Perhaps the first impression is not innovative, but the foreseeable different ways of using it and its customers might be intriguing. The first edition is suitable for stores that do not require invoice, do not require matching hardware (such as card readers, schedules). Suitable for small vendors and those operating on paper. The second edition applies to small or medium-sized businesses that are not chained. Targets are divided into new opening stores (we have a price advantage over the old POS), or those who are not satisfied with the existing POS analysis system (cloud cost analysis and bench mark analysis), or want to create a sense of new technology (mobile ordering system).

College Group, Prove of Service, First Place


"FOCUS" is a tool designed to help users not be confused through mobile phone’s ecosphere and ignore the friendship that is formed in real life. Through the mechanism of interaction with the participants, people around can help each other in bonding with each other. Design a fun game mechanism, so that a group of people can monitor each other's time of using the phone to achieve the goal of reducing the obsession with phones.

College Group, Prove of Service, Second Place

Detached New Style Image Capture and Recognition Device

2~5 years old baby easily get lost in a short time frame within large indoor field (such as hypermarket, airport)! Parents can wirelessly launch the iSeeU split lens on the baby, remotely take photos and gather the photo to the parents. By the use of the device, parents can rely on the photos taken by themselves or seek the help of the field service staff, find the beloved baby in crucial time, within a certain distance. The split lens product is miniature and can be easily worn on young children. The new style of the product provide cute shape, which could be in children’s favor in accepting and wearing the device. This new style of innovative products - worn on the side of the baby, can be remotely controlled by the parent's parental mobile device, take pictures and gather photos to the main party's mobile device, so that the parents can find their baby.

College Group, Prove of Service, Third Place

Info and Experience Sharing Platform for Farmers

None of the various apps on the market are created specifically for farmers. Most people think that the average age of farmers is high, and they don’t use smart phones or even 3C products. But the app we have is special. For the younger generation of farmers, they know more about the latest information and convenience- they are afraid to engage in agriculture because they don’t have the experience of farming or don’t information necessary for farming. We hope that this app can be used to drive young farmers to aspire young people to do agriculture easily. The youngsters are no longer engaged in agriculture in the way of the older generation. Of course, the older generation of farmers can also use it. We will also set up a function for farmers. The communication platform between the two can solve problems or help each other’s solve problems. This function can allow older farmers and young farmers to exchange some information and experience.

Wearable Device Combined with an Experimental Demonstration of the Digital Display Experience

The project was expected to include information presentations provided by wearable devices in the original story frame, allowing participants and viewers to interact in a timely manner. First, let the participants wear the sensor on the body to obtain the status information of the participants at any time. Then, let the participants enter the planned performance area to perform the task; at the same time, the audience can see the status information of the participants. (such as location, perspective, and heartbeat) and interact with participants. Finally, the participants and the audience completed the show together. In addition, regarding the technical part, it is hoped that the experiments and developments such as gyroscopes and heartbeat sensors will be carried out mainly based on currently available sensors.

Darwin's Evolutionary Hairstyle Recommendation Model

This research attempt using the collaboration 2.0 model, uses text exploration to analyze the consumption data of the virtual consumer data in the network, and extracted knowledge to visualize, so that the public can pay attention to the common points of hair style, and use the common point to help with their hairstyle. By classification and coding, and through evolutionary calculations, it is recommended to endorse hair styles that match consumer preferences. This hair style innovative service model platform should enable consumers to visit again. They can also recommend hairstyles to consumers and enhance the visibility of hair salons (designers) through the knowledge system built by blogs that reach consumers and salon (designer). It’s a win-win innovative service. The model will be presented through webpage. Firstly, the hairstyle images collected from the hair salon will be classified and binary coded, and five pictures will be displayed on the webpage in random numbers to let the user rate the hairstyle image. Two randomly from the five images are taken. (The higher the score, the higher the probability), the code exchange and preference generate a new set of codes, generate a total of 4 sets of codes. Then add a set of randomly generated codes, and display the pictures on the web page, through continuous scoring and screening to obtain a haircut that fits the consumer's likings.

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